Can you imagine doing the same thing all the time?

Me neither.

Actually, I'm really lucky because my work never ceases to surprise me.

That’s what happens when you work for very different clients. Each new assignment is a perfect opportunity to create something from scratch, whether a story, a picture or even a vague idea. The best part, of course, is when I find the graphic solution I’m looking for, for each project.

I consider myself a versatile designer because I don’t like to using the same solutions for different projects. Diversity should be encouraged , it makes the work more rewarding, more interesting and intriguing.

If you don’t like monotony and repetition either, I think we'll have a great time working together.

Let's do some drawing!

Some clients:

Diari Ara
El Jueves
Barcelovers mag
La Galera
Generalitat de Catalunya (dep. Educació)
Televisió de Catalunya
Ajuntament de L'Hospitalet
Shackleton group
Young & Rubicam group
Publicis group
Bassat Ogivly group
Estudio Fenix

***Also represented by LEMONADE illustration agency***

Selected bibliography:

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2015 ___ Rubor ___ La Cúpula, Barcelona
2015 ___ Serie B ___ Diábolo ediciones, Madrid
2015 ___ Els Tiki Taka. No ho expliquis a ningú ___ Ànima Llibres, Barcelona
2014 ___ Potlatch ___ Norma editorial, Barcelona *nominated to Comic of the Year at Barcelona Comic Con
2014 ___ Une affaire en souffrance ___ Le journal de Spirou, éditions Dupuis, Bèlgica
2014 ___ Els Tiki Taka. La pilota robada ___ Ànima Llibres, Barcelona
2014 ___ Els Tiki Taka. Les magdalenes també juguen ___ Ànima Llibres, Barcelona
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